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Birthday Skunks – It STINKS to get old!

Birthday Skunks

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Skunks say it in the nicest way on your birthday!

Skunks say it in the nicest way on your birthday!

Everything Smells Sweeter that Sandy is 43 Today!
Isn’t this too cute for a Birthday Surprise!! This little girl wanted to surprise her dad for his birthday.

Great at any age! – Please leave a comment or thumbs up.

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Birthday Ideas for a surprise gift!

Congratulations Sydney!

Congratulations Sydney!

Sydney had a big day and grandma and grandpa wanted her to know how much they love her with a big surprise of smile faces and dancing poodles!

Maitland, Florida

Wild birthday animals

Wild birthday animals

Wishing Erin A wild Birthday on her 30th Birthday!

Fun in College Park, Florida!

Best Wishes the Birthday Fairy!

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Have a Wild 50th Birthday Lin!


This was a perfect 50th Birthday surprise for Lin who is A veterinarian!

However, even if she wasn’t isn’t it cute and cheerful…

Celebrating Happy Moments In Life

The Birthday FairyImage 

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Enter our Drawing below for a FREE Easter Gram!

Enter our Drawing 

for a FREE 

Easter Gram!

We will decorate 2 yards

with Easter Bunnies & Chicks along with

Flowers and Colorful Easter Eggs!


And at the door we will leave a note from The Easter Bunny

that says they were extra good this year 

and that extra eggs were hidden in the yard!




Decorated yard rental for 3 days and

A basket with bunny and a note that says that there are  hidden eggs in the yard for them to find! 

(The eggs are filled with small toys and/or candy treats.)

WINNERS YARDS will be pictured on our blog:


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Welcome to Birthday Fairy News!


Welcome to Birthday Fairy News!  

I am a Birthday Fairy and I am from Orlando Birthday Gram. I hope you enjoy flying around and reading about all the fun Birthday’s!

We will share stories about the latest birthday “FLOCKING” and maybe a few pictures as well as  fun birthday decorations and food ideas for your next party!

So come fly with me and explores some fun birthday surprises.

*A birthday flocking is: When I fly to your home after dark and quietly decorate your yard for your birthday. Just imagine how surprised you will be when you wake up on the morning of your birthday when you see your yard decorated with, a big cake with your name on it and cupcakes everywhere or buzzards for your 40th birthday, or pretty flowers that will never wilt. With over 60+ selections you’ll always be surprised!

Remember to look on your door knob because there will be a card saying who it is from so you can thank them. 🙂

Don’t worry about cleaning up or storing them, it’s a rental I’ll come back the day after your birthday and clean up. Leaving you with wonderful memories to remember forever.

Happy Birthday! We deliver the BIGGEST Birthday cards Ever!!

Happy Birthday!
We deliver the BIGGEST Birthday cards Ever!!

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